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Geoff, the present owner of one of the old married quarters, found this photo under the floorboards and kindly sent it on as the most likely place to provide an identification of these two lads. The location at which the photo was taken is obviously not at Ventnor and the full picture shows the building to have three floors. I have enlarged a section of it to make the main subjects clearer.


A contact who spent much longer at Ventnor than me is unable to recall either man and has pointed out that as the arms of both men do not carry any insignia it is quite likely that the photo was taken at a training establishment prior to the LAC badge (at least) being awarded. Also that the dedication from Cass makes one believe Cass was female. The one from Sam could be from either sex. So perhaps the theory should be that Butch eventually livied in the married quarter and then accidentally lost the photo. Or perhaps deliberately, if his wife was not Cass! However as Married Quarters were much sought after it is unlikely that one would have been available normally to a newly recruited man. But as Ventnor was being run down gradually, demand would have lessened, so that may not have been the case.

If any reader can provide enlightenment, then please make contact.

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