- RAF West Kirby -

This picture illustrates perfectly many of the features mentioned in my text. This room is in a high state of 'bull' and no less was sufficient as the daily standard at West Kirby. Observe the reflections of the legs of the beds in the highly polished linoleum, and the neat bedpacks, especially the perfect example, centre extreme left. The handle of the 'bumper' is resting on the end of the the rifle rack, which is holding its complement of rifles. Admire the amazing sheen of the stove pipes and imagine keeping them like that. The large black box in the foreground is the coke receptacle, and was likewise polished. Consider the neat rows of exactly aligned bedside mats, very smart but not in a usable position of course. The alternating heads and feet of the beds did not mean that we had to sleep that way - it was merely part of the 'bull' effect.

Typical Accommodation of the period

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