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Typical plinth mounted Type 13 radarThis excellent picture shows the later version of the Type 13. The cabin is mounted on the standard 'plinth' building which contained the Amplidyne and electrical switchgear. The reflector is constructed of aluminiun tubing which reduced weight and 'windage' compared with the earlier twin 'cheese' reflector. The perspex tube containing the slotted waveguide is clearly shown running along the length of the reflector at its focus. The cabin access ladder, the cabin running board and doors, the flexible waveguide and the 'nodding' motor are all out of view.

It is to be hoped that the turning motor safety interlock had been activated when this picture was taken, as the turning acceleration was so great that the airman on the ladder would have been thrown off should the cabin have been activated by the remotely situated underground Radar Operator. When the author took a chance in this respect the cabin moved as he was at the top of the ladder from the ground, when the edge of the running board dislodged him, causing him to slide back down. Happily the only damage was a broken watch strap.

A specially commissioned Type 13 Simulation which will be displayed via your Windows Media Player.


Below is a picture of the Type 34, showing commonality of most parts. It is a Type 14 really but being on the 25 foot gantry causes it to be renamed. The additional height aids the low-looking capability. It would normally be used rotating continuously, although it could optionally be caused by the operator to sweep back and forth over any chosen sector. The cabin and the equipment inside are entirely the same as the Type 13, and it is merely the fixed horizontal position and and shape of the reflector that makes it different from the Type 13. The additional aerial mounted above the main reflector is for IFF.

Type 14 on plinth

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