The Eddie Hughes Page
The author was delighted to receive these photographs from Eddie for display here. Hover your mouse for caption.

Does anybody know who the man on the right is?

Typical sunset, typical desert

Eddie believes in the Big Bang Theory

No need for cossies?(It was Eddie's idea) The Germans' gazelles

Future Derby winner?

The German War Memorial above Tobruk


The alcoves contain the names of the fallen

Liver marked head the naked violence of the stars The battle was imposed on us and we bore the heat Naming names here at the place where we fought and fell: This place is called desert - sand that shows no trace. The desert wind was our shroud, hearts scorching in our bodies,, A storm of fate extinguished the light of our earthly days. What we were you are, and what was imposed on us threatens you. Learn from tracks covered over, make sure that the desert doesn't grow. Rest in peace, German soldiers. An inscribed bronze plate

Allies War Cemetry




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