- Fifteen Additional Pictures -

"Leeming Lodge" in its highest state of decor.
Interior of Leeming Lodge
Dick Holmes, the author holding the Germans' cat, Edward Hughes and Neville Price, all from Leeming.
The lads from Leeming
The only picture I ever dared to take at the Technical site.
 Off watch at the Tech Site (Spot the dart in mid-air)
An evening performance of The Germantown Hot 5, featuring Taff on the Carlsburger and Nev on the Inverted Tin
The Germantown Hot 5
The Germans' cook kept these two locally captured gazelles as pets.
The Cook's Gazelles
The PSI minibus party on the Derna trip
The PSI Minibus Party
A break on the road to Derna
A break on the road to Derna
Above Derna
View from the mountain pass above Derna
Derna environs
Derna town outskirts
Tour of Derna
The easy way to take a tour of the town
The objective of our outing, the Roman ruins at Cyrene
The ruins at Cyrene
Another view which shows the huge extent of the ruins.
Even more ruins
One corner of the site.
More ruins
The view to the sea over the Roman Theatre
View to sea over Roman Theatre
The sea and me at Tobruk.
 That's me folks, revelling in it

And there are more pictures to be seen.

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