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The author was delighted to be contacted recently by his old room mate Dick Holmes, and these are his memories which of course interface with mine.

I have just been browsing your "Life at El Adem" and remember that the Libyan youth dressed like a Khyber Pass tribesman also had, as well as his long-barreled rifle, some species of hawk tethered to his wrist and perched on his gloved hand. The desert rat he carried in is pocket for his dinner was, so he explained, a victim of the hawk which he used for hunting purposes.

Another memory I have of El Adem is of one night when I was on guard duty together with one of our corporals, Corporal Skipper if you remember him (I think he was from South London). We had just come off duty about 4 am in the morning when one of the other lads on guard duty opened and closed his rifle bolt and pulled the trigger. A bullet from his rifle went through the roof of the nissan hut in which the guards slept when off duty -- luckily it went from the inside to the outside and not vice versa!

Do you remember when we were all rudely awakened about 2 am one night when one hell of a row started in one of the 'henhuts' which was occupied by the MT section of 425 Signals? A couple of corporals on our MT section were having a real ding-dong --- one of them, If my memory serves me right, who was somewhat overweight for his height, used to collect the mail and dish it out to us by hand --- the second chap, of rather slighter build and with a strong Scottish accent, was laying into him with much vigour and, I should imagine, a good measure of alcohol. What a lot of sobbing, mingled with pleas for mercy filled the air!

A personal memory is of when the Vulcan aircraft was on the camp - I happened to be on guard-duty overlooking the Vulcan when I was approached by an individual in civies. I challenged him with 'Who goes there, friend or foe?' It happened to be the captain (whatever rank, I cannot remember) of the Vulcan, who happened to NOT have his identity card (1250) with him, and had to return with it before I let him pass. I was commended for my action by the CO!

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