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Early DaysAuthor's arrival at RAF Ventnor and first impressions.
The CampA Plan of the Domestic Site.
The WorkMostly about work but a little about the social life
End GameSundry excitements and further and final events before being posted away
Chain HomeThe top-secret wartime equipment: its invention, workings and evolution
Installation TeamOne of the CH Installation Teams
Cievra AutogiroA slow-flying forerunner of the helicopter used for CH calibration
Later Equipment1944 Ventnor Site Plan
St.LawrenceAn RAF "buried reserve" CH station
St.LawrenceThe site as at March 2008
BlackgangAn early Ground Controlled Interception station
The NeedlesA Joint Services CHL station
Type 13The Type 13 centimetric heightfinder and its relative the Type 14
Type 13Larger pictures of above & T13 simulation
Type 80The Decca Type 80 : a state-of-the-art search radar of the fifties
Type 80Type 80 turning gear
Type 80Turning Gear undergoing repair at RAF Buchan
The HoleWhat was to be found within an underground R1 'Hole'
The HoleThe Site Engineer in Charge tells us how it was built
The ConsolesThe equipment embraced by that term
StenburyA picture of the VHF tower there
Another HoleA mysterious small bunker
The PDU A projection radar PPI display used as dynamic plotting table
The PDU More pictures
Cavity MagnetronThe invention of which had a tenuous but little known Ventnor connection
Fairey Delta TwoThe Record Breaker
German RadarA Brief Outline of the Enemy's Ground Radar
On ParadeA page devoted to ex RAF Ventnor personnel who have made contact of which those listed below are but a few.
PostscriptGiving some idea of the site as it is today
KilroyThat most mysterious and elusive visitor
AcknowledgementsSources: Books, Websites and people
Commanding OfficersNames but no details

Contributions from Ventnor Veterans

Mike BettsA Radar Operator at Ventnor in 1955
John BrownAn Air Defence Operator at Ventnor in 1958
Redvers CraddockA Fireman at the Down Lane site.
Ron CrippsServed 1956-59 at Ventnor later rising to the rank of Wing Commander
Roy EamesServed in 1952-54. He provided the inspiration for this website being created
Graham FielderServed at Sopley when FD2 achieved the Air Speed Record in 1956.
G.HughesServed at Ventnor in 1954-55 and a latterday Dean of Brecon cathedral
Elizabeth HutchingsA Waaf at the Needles and Ventnor
Bob IrwinThe Sergeant i/c logistics during the final years
Harold LewisServed in 1950 and saw out the last days of CH
Alan MillarA cricketing Radar Operator who served in 1951-1952
Gordon ReidA footballing Radar Operator in 1950/51
Geo SuttonAn RAF Policeman who saw the Type 80 being dismantled in 1959
Alan StilesA Decca man who helped build the prototype Type 80
Don SutherlandWho "volunteered" to dig out the bombs in 1940.
Reg TarrantA Provost Corporal i/c Police in 1953
Shaw Taylor (deceased)A CHL operator who dodged the doodlebugs to become an ITV personality
Tony TurnbullAn MT Fitter called up at the end of the war.
AnonymousA Cowes resident's contribution

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