Life Before & After RAF Ventnor

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Pre-historyauthor's early life
Called Upevents leading to entry into the RAF at Cardington
Somewhere in Cheshirethe location of RAF West Kirby
Basic Trainingten rather unpleasant weeks endured at RAF West Kirby. Part 1
Basic TrainingPart 2 : about drill, saluting and being paid.
Basic TrainingPart 3 : FFI parade, injections and pre-emption of nasty diseases
Basic TrainingPart 4 : more drill, the rifle, the Bren gun and the firing of both
Basic TrainingPart 5 : life in our hut, our kit & its inspection. Unpleasant companions.
Basic TrainingPart 6 : liberation & Liverpool. Fatigues and the coke heap
Basic TrainingPart 7 : driving home on our '48'. The dreaded gas chamber ordeal
Basic TrainingPart 8 : on guard, making a model, a long walk in Wales
Basic TrainingPart 9 : postings, George Melly, passing out, avoidance of humiliation
Basic TrainingConfirmations as a true record of life at West Kirby
Basic TrainingJohn Buchanan's account of life at West Kirby
Basic TrainingDavid Taylor's account of life at West Kirby
Basic TrainingOther people's pictures from West Kirby
RAF Lockingten rather pleasant months learning quite a lot about Radar. Part 1 : Arrival
RAF LockingGRFR42 Class photo 1957
RAF Lockinglearning the basics, tests, colleagues, sports afternoon
RAF Lockingcider, hitching home, electronics, the monthly parade
RAF Lockinglearning turning gear and an oral test
RAF Lockinglearning the Type 7, being chuffed, getting practical in the workshop
RAF LockingIllustrated details of the Type 7
RAF Lockinglearning the Types 13 & 14
RAF Lockingthe lorry mounted diesel-alternator set
RAF Lockingthe final gear, the Type 80
RAF LockingAn appreciation
RAF LockingGroup Captain Blair Oliphant's Obituary
RAF LeemingPat 1 of life at a Yorkshire Flying Station with a Type 7
RAF LeemingPart 2 of life at a Yorkshire Flying Station with a Type 7
RAF Innsworth a stepping stone on the route to distant Libya
El Ademdetached to El Adem : 425 Signal Unit
El AdemThe Type 15 and the VAST Convoy
El AdemSightseeing in Libya
Picturesadditional El Adem photographs
More PicturesA few more photographs from from Tobruk
Even More PicturesA contribution from Sean Pollock including the CO's Obituary
425 SU's CO Sqdn Ldr CraigA Brief History
Dick HolmesDick's memories of El Adem
Edward HughesEddie's Photographs
Neville Price Neville's abbreviated memories of National Service including El Adem
425 SU PersonnelThe very few names collected so far
Back to Leemingmy remaining service there, a countdown to demob
Colin Ensor's PageAn earlier GCI at Leeming
Ian Stewart's PageIan was also a GCI man at Leeming
Type 7a technical description
Aircraftsome aircraft encountered

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